Recommended Reading 

The following list is a work in progress. As Simple Sages engages further writings, this page will grow.

NASB Bible

Contemporary Study

Invitation to the Classics (Masterworks)

An Experiment in Criticism (Canto Classics)

The Terrain of Comedy (Studies in Genre)

Mere Christianity

Surprised by Joy: The Shape of My Early Life

Classical Reading

The Aeneid

The Republic of Plato

Plato’s Symposium: A Translation by Seth Benardete with Commentaries by Allan Bloom and Seth Benardete

4 Texts on Socrates: Plato’s Euthyphro, Apology of Socrates, Crito and Aristophanes’ Clouds, Revised Edition

Poetics – Aristotle

Politics – Aristotle

Confessions (Oxford World’s Classics)

City of God