Reunification — The Tree in the River

Can you see the clouds gathering, the imminent darkness that will soon swallow you, completely blocking out the sun? You’ll soon be soaked and there is nothing you can do about it. You, a tiny human being cannot stop the storm from coming. Not even the most intelligent or wealthiest person can stop it. It […] […]

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In the Belly of a Great Fish: Foster Parent’s Greatest Dilemma (A Christian Perspective)

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“I hope she stays with you guys” “Hopefully you’ll be able to adopt her” “She’ll be better off with you guys” “It’s sad that people give up their kids for an addiction” “She’s your baby” “You’re her mommy” “Is “she” really doing what she’s supposed to?” “She still sees her…

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Simple Samples: Where is Wisdom?

“Surely there is a mine for silver And a place where they refine gold. “Iron is taken from the dust, And copper is smelted from rock. “Man puts an end to darkness, And to the farthest limit he searches out The rock in gloom and deep shadow. “He sinks a shaft far from habitation, Forgotten […]

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Recommended: Music of the Republic

When thinking of aides that can help in understanding some of the greater works of antiquity, Music of the Republic is something modern readers can take to with full confidence. Eva Brann engages with The Republic of Plato in a way that is engaging and refreshing. This is a collection of essays that would benefit […]

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Tea, Camellia sinensis, can take on many different shapes, colors and characters. It can be offered loose leaf, in small bags or as part of an herbal cocktail. From Morocco’s mint green tea to Britain’s black tea to the USA’s Lipton tea bags, tea can be found all over…

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Where do I begin?

I believe hermeneutics is probably the most important subject someone should learn, even more so for those who believe the Bible is the word of God. This is because it’s the branch of knowledge that deals with interpretation- and it can be applied to writings in any age. So whether you are getting into classical […]

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Abusing Words

Here’s something to consider when coming to the classics: words have meaning to them. That may seem simple enough to understand that it should bear no repeating, but it is something that needs to be discussed. The idea that words communicate meaning is an assumption (as this writing would be meaningless otherwise), what should not […]

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