Here is a thoughtful post from Camellias Treaty on hospitality. It discusses the use of Tea as a medium for welcoming others into your home, and using the shared tea time as a bridge for creating peace. The hook of this article is that it points to something beyond the particular of sharing tea; it points toward a shared humanity that crosses cultures and regimes. It is interesting how one plant can be universal while at the same time be distinguished by each culture in their unique methods of preparation and consumption. It makes me think of a true idea of a time of communion over a drink together that all cultures allude to in their own particular glimpse. Each culture coming together over this drink reveals true community. I can think of the many times around the world that I have shared a cup of tea with others, making the truth of this post all the more real. May I recommend you get your own preferred tea and enjoy the article.

Camellia's Treaty

Tea, Camellia sinensis, can take on many different shapes, colors and characters. It can be offered loose leaf, in small bags or as part of an herbal cocktail. From Morocco’s mint green tea to Britain’s black tea to the USA’s Lipton tea bags, tea can be found all over the world and is loved by millions. One plant has found its way into almost every home around the world! The major exporters and tea producers of the world include countries like China and India. So it’s likely that the tea in your cupboard is the same exact one found in a home in Mexico or Russia.

The same tea coming from the same plant and likely from the same country is being offered everywhere! Camellia sinensis, has invaded homes and captivated hearts everywhere and she promises to offer peace! Let me elaborate on how tea can be an amazing representative…

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