In the Belly of a Great Fish: Foster Parent’s Greatest Dilemma (A Christian Perspective)

Good reflections on fostering

The Tree in the River

“I hope she stays with you guys”

“Hopefully you’ll be able to adopt her”

“She’ll be better off with you guys”

“It’s sad that people give up their kids for an addiction”

“She’s your baby”

“You’re her mommy”

“Is “she” really doing what she’s supposed to?”

“She still sees her mom!?”

“Do you want to adopt her?”

“So what’s the story?”

“Is her mom in prison?”

These are comments that have been often made to us as foster parents and I’m sure they are common things that all foster parents are used to hearing. Even though they are well meaning comments (most of the time) many do not realize the incredibly conflicting feelings and implications that come with them. Do we love our little foster daughter? Of course we do… When you look into the eyes of the new little one (or little ones) entrusted to you and see them…

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